We make Enterprise Level technology available to small and medium sized business.

  • Our provided managed IT services reduce related headache or work stoppage, annoyances and most important reduce costs associated with trying to manage and support your IT alone.
  • We provide remote and on-site managed services, our clients enjoy faster support and better performance from their key systems.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and anti-virus protection.
  • Comprehensive On-site and Remote IT Services to support existing staff or fulfill all aspects of a complete IT department.
  • Robust Back-up and Data recovery and including antivirus protection.
  • Hardware as a Service platform includes full design, configuration and installation.
  • Unlimited Remote and on-site support.


It’s because Web cloud services maximize efficiency; helps increase cash flow and offers many more advantages.


Web Cloud-servers offer services that promptly meet the request because of the huge capacity of the service’s remote servers. Actually, this flexibility is so vital that more than 60% of survey reports “the ability to speedily meet business demands” was an main reason to move to cloud computing.

Disaster retrieval

When businesses start depending on cloud-based services, they no longer require complicate disaster recovery plans. Web Cloud servers take care of most problems, and they do it quicker. Companies which used the cloud were capable to solve issues in an average of 2.1 hours, approximately four times better than companies that didn’t use the cloud (8 hours). The same research found that mid-sized businesses had the greatest retrieval times of all, taking nearly half the time of larger businesses to improve.

Automatic software updates

Web cloud servers do the server maintenance – as well as security updates –themselves, freeing up their clients’ time and resources for other errands.


Statistic shows many SMBs still use unreliable tape systems or other outdated data backup services to protect their data. Others simply cross their fingers. In this days all businesses rely on their data on day to day operations.

  • Is your business can survive without your data?
  • Are you protecting it with reliable data backup services?
  • In Other word, How long could you stay upbeat without it?
  • What if your server crashed, was stolen or damaged by fire?
  • Data Backup Services: Secure essential business data in your desktops, laptops and servers
  • Data Protection Services and retrieval: Shield information from hackers and theft with 256-bit encryption; protect your IT infrastructure with Windows-based server technology; retrieve your data through a secure web portal.
  • Recovery: Restore servers and applications quickly with embedded virtual server technology; recover from system failure or data loss in minutes (not hours or days).